Group Ride Submission Rules

We are thrilled you want to share your ride with everyone.  There are just a couple of rules we go by before we will post a group ride.  Check these out…

  • Allow Enough time to post.
    I got a day job y’all, if your event is less than 2 weeks out, I may not get time to get it on the website but I’ll try.
  • Group Rides must start or stop in North Carolina.
    While we all enjoy a good ride, this website is dedicated to NC riders and we want to make sure your ride is for them.

  • Encourage Diversity & Inclusion. 
    We will not accept group rides that are restricted to a specific subset of attendees, no black only, no white only, no millionaires club, no exclusions.

  • We reserve the right to include/exclude your request. 
    If you hit the previous items in this list, you probably don’t have to worry, I hope this won’t happen, but you can read more about why we might exclude your event in the terms of use.

Publicly Displayed Information

Time & Date

Please provide the Time and Date(s) of the event.  Be sure to include the Start time and estimated total ride time.


Please let us know who the official organizing group(s) are.  IF you want the organizer's contact information displayed so that people can contact them/you, please include that information as well.  Any information provided in *THIS* field will be posted to the public.

Do you want to Accept RSVPs?

Ride Details

Please provide a short description of the event that we can provide to the public.


If you have a route map (Rever, Google, Wolfpack etc.) please provide a link so that we can show everyone your route.  It's helpful to see your route so that folks can see if they can join along the route.  This is entirely optional.

If you don't have a route map.  Can you provide the starting waypoint where people will meetup to start the ride?  You can include any other important waypoints here as well and we'll publish them.

Private Information

The following information in required so that we can contact you if we have questions while posting the ride.  The submitted information in this block will NOT be published.  If you want RSVP's on the event - this is also where we will send the emails and list of RSVP's for the event.